CNICK Ring - Crypto Edition


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Made from an exotic African Ebony wood. Each ring is 100% handcrafted with extremely high attention to the details. there is never going to be another ring like yours.

The ring has Bitcoin symbol on three sides, each of them is made from 24K gold.

The manufacturing method we use guarantees very high durability, it is almost impossible to damage the rings by dropping.

Bitcoin ring is waterproof. It never requires charging and pairing.

Inside the ring is NXP Desfire EV2  embedded, which is the most advanced NFC chip currently available with the best security protocol.

Memory size: 8KB

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Black, White


6 Size(US) 16.5 mm, 6.5 Size(US) 16.9 mm, 7 Size(US) 17.3 mm, 7.5 Size(US) 17.7 mm, 8 Size(US) 18.1 mm, 8.5 Size(US) 18.5 mm, 9 Size(US) 18.9 mm, 9.5 Size(US) 19.4 mm, 10 Size(US) 19.8 mm, 10.5 Size(US) 20.2 mm, 11 Size(US) 20.6 mm, 11.5 Size(US) 21 mm, 12 Size(US) 21.4 mm, 12.5 Size(US) 21.8 mm, 13 Size(US) 22.2 mm, 14 Size(US) 23 mm