CNICK Ring - Crypto Edition



We are a group of people unified by a shared vision and belief. We encounter lots of challenges and novelties every day, we gain knowledge and work hard to bring to life a novel idea that will surely simplify people’s lives.

Very first steps


Thinking about simplifying our life and overcoming the obstacles led us to the conclusion that even the most invisible barriers discomfort us and waste our precious time. Standing in front of the tourniquet in our university, with hands already full with books, it took extra effort to grab our wallets and search for the entrance permit among the cards. More importantly, we had to repeat the same exact process many times at different locations during the day. We thought that accessing the systems with just “a single hand movement” would make our lives easier. That’s why we decided to develop a smart ring. Creating the first prototype was an interesting process. We melted different types of NFC cards and inserted the leftovers in 3D printed rings. Over time we developed our invention and realized how effortless and innovative it was. This gave us the drive to share the product with the others.



We are inspired with an idea to make authentication absolutely effortless and highly secure.